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3 March 1987
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It all started on a cold, stormy day in Germany. It was Rosen Montag, or Rose Monday if you're an English-only sort of person, and all the nurses in the hospital were dressed up like clowns. (Apparently they do that sort of thing in Germany.) My mother was not too thrilled that she was going to give birth in a hospital where the staff was dressed like this, but they gave her ice cream so it was ok. The next day, I was born. When my father tried to go home, it was so cold out that his key broke in the lock of the car door. I think this is why all my favorite places are cold and snowy at least part of the year, and anything over 70 degrees is ungodly hot.

Fast forward 19 years. I currently spend most of my time living in the middle of nowhere (in a good way) Vermont, though my permanent mailing address is in Michigan. I worry too much, but only about the little things. I'm contradictory in pretty much every way. I like to talk about myself, but not anymore right now.