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Well, there go all of my life ambitions... - The New and Improved Electric Claire! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Well, there go all of my life ambitions... [Mar. 28th, 2006|01:08 am]
Apparently, you cannot make human breast milk cheese. Sad. Still, I think if I suddenly found myself with a supply of breast milk, I would be compelled to try it for myself. I would save that third liter for experiments with other dairy products, though.

From: (Anonymous)
2008-01-26 02:00 am (UTC)

Good idea

I think you are on the right path. I think you are doing the right thing to test it. In Japan I was able to buy breast milk as if it was like soda and to make cheese out of it is a good idea. So it may take a bit of a change in the usual process, and change is good, you are right to try. The human sharing experience has become a frightful moment but breast milk is a sacred thing. Women who share it are to be thanked. Breast milk is erotic and medicinal and precious and women who would discount it’s impact are in need of a man who has an understanding of what nurturing is. Milk is for us all. Human milk is intrinsically beautiful.
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-07-12 10:51 am (UTC)

Re: Good idea

Hi, i'd like to buy some breast milk please. I stay in Dubai, so could you please DHL about 5 Litres in a double sealed leak proof pouch? I'd need about 5 Litres every week. Obviously, I'll take care of the shipping costs. Lemme know ur Bank details on pras_eee@hotmail.com. Cheerio!
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