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(no subject) [Mar. 22nd, 2009|10:37 pm]
i started an etsy store, yay!


it thus far features vulvas and patriarchy-smashing ladybugs and peapods. i only have a few things so far, but i printed up a bunch more stuff today and will be gradually adding it as i take photos of it. still to come are some "direct action direct democracy" prints and more of the screen prints i already have up. i am so happy to be screenprinting a bunch of stuff and putting it online, and my shop banner makes me extremely happy.
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(no subject) [Jan. 1st, 2009|01:31 am]
Meg Mott's cockatiel is preening my hair right now. (And eying my hot chocolate.)
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2008|12:38 pm]
While I was in Detroit at the Allied Media Conference, Charlie and Jericho found this chicken at the side of the road and brought her back to the animal sanctuary. Her name is Mabel.Collapse )

Plus, especially for Helena: Roller Derby photos!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 23rd, 2008|10:45 pm]
I am so disappointed that the person with a free baby pygmy goat already has someone lined up to take it. I need a baby goat.
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(no subject) [Apr. 14th, 2008|06:10 pm]
Crazy (but boring) story about my lucky incident yesterday: I walked all the way down to the metro stop to go to school to finish up my fotography portfolio. I realized once I was all the way there that I'd left my wallet, including my monthly pass, at home. I was really not looking forward to spending the next hour going back and getting it, but as I walked out of the metro stop, I saw an unused metro card on the ground. I just used that and then waited to go home until the night busses started running (they never check for passes on the bus, only the subway). I've never seen an unused subway ticket on the ground before.

I need to stop coughing! My ribcage is starting to hurt. Especially in the general area where I fractured it the first time I had bronchitis. Umm...

This afternoon I went to the Villa Borghese (huuuuge nice park that is kinda reminiscent of Central park) and took a nap in the sun while some guy played a saxophone. Good times. I predict a lot of my afternoons for the next few weeks will be like this.

I just watched this 40 minute documentary called The Lord's Boot Camp. (It's from the director of Jesus Camp.) There's a bunch of teenagers and preteens who go to this boot camp in Florida and then go to other countries for a month to do missionary work, or who spend that time in the U.S. "saving" people. While there are obviously a lot of things that I don't like about this camp, there is something that I like a lot about the idea of sending teenagers from the U.S. and sending them to poor countries to see how so much of the rest of the world lives. Too bad the message stops at "these starving kids who don't have enough blankets for the winter nights just have to believe in God and Jesus." Also, I really like the drug addict with the attitude problem, and the "my other shirt is clean" t-shirt (even though I'd probably find her annoying in real life).

Here is the link:

http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/i_video … rsOndemand
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(no subject) [Apr. 5th, 2008|04:45 pm]
The 99 cent store has paprika flavored Pringles that were labelled as suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Is that normal?

Also, the goth and punk kids of Rome are out in full force at the piazza today. They are taking over BOTH sets of church steps! As I was on my way out of the piazza I kept seeing more and more of them coming. They must be having some kind of convention. Italians wear so much black anyway that sometimes, I had to look at who someone was with to determine if they were part of that crowd or not. If they don't have black eyeliner tears drawn on, how am I supposed to know if they are goth or just Italian?
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(no subject) [Apr. 2nd, 2008|06:57 pm]
I really like this story about an FTM trans guy who is giving birth! Apparently he's going to be on Oprah tomorrow? http://advocate.com/issue_story.asp?id=52664&page=1

The end.
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(no subject) [Feb. 21st, 2008|01:08 pm]
I feel much better about Italy and life this week. Some random things:

1. Midterms. I am done! I have been really stressed out about them even though none of them were really that hard.

2. I got my Italy rail pass, and I'm leaving (probably tomorrow night?) for a week in Sicily, Naples, and Venice. Exciting!

3. Some people from couchsurfing are coming over to my apartment for dinner tonight. I am worried about being really awkward with them. I have tried inviting several people that I actually know to come over and eat with us, but the homestay people have dinner with their families on week nights, one person's family is visiting this week, one person has a date (who does that?), one person already had plans to see a movie with someone else...why doesn't anyone want to eat dinner with me?

4. Aparently the UN created an all-female peacekeeping unit to serve in Liberia, made up of women from India. The UN thinks they “are the right people at the right time to come here now,” apparently because “They are professional, skilled, capable, and they will be able to do the job just as well as their male counterparts are already doing on the ground if not better in some instances.”

The UN website does not say what Refugees International says, which is that this female unit might be better than their male counterpart because “The pattern of behavior of these peacekeepers [that is, the generally male troops who have the same hyper-masculine culture as the rest of the military], their attitudes, justification and sexual exploitation and abuse of younger girls has much in common with the activities of the so-called ‘sex-tourist.’”

By the way, a study in 2005, reported that about 90% of women in Liberia had been subjected to sexual abuse and violence. Also in 2005, a female president was elected as the first female head of state in Africa, with a mandate that highlighted the protection of women.

So, the UN is helping Liberia tackle issues of sexual violence by sending one group of non-western women of color to help another group of non-western women of color, with efforts that include reducing its own destructive "boys club" culture (even if they aren't publicizing that last part). Wow. I am kind of shocked.

p.s. diy blacksmithing!
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|03:39 pm]
Plus one point in the "I should never leave Brattleboro, terrible (or at least highly inconvenient or rather unpleasant) things happen when I do" category. Last night, I was sitting on the sidewalk outside school using Skype, when a guy came running past and stole my computer. While I was using it. I ran after him for a few blocks, but then realized I left my backpack with my wallet and passport and camera and everything just sitting on the sidewalk, so I had to go back and luckily it was still there.

I spent like an hour on the phone with my mom crying about it. Not having the machine itself is not such a big deal, although it sucks that I won't have it when I have to write papers and stuff since there is always a line to use the computers at school. But I was so upset- and I'm still coming to terms with- not having all the photos that were on there, and poetry that I wrote in high school, and papers I've written for Marlboro, and essays I've written just for myself, and pages and pages of diary stuff from freshman year. Man. So much stuff. So much of me that I will never get back. So much stuff that I would never let anybody else read, ever- even though I don't think this guy will care about anything that I have on the computer, let alone be able to understand all of it since it is in a foreign language, it is very strange that someone else has it...

Plus I was really upset about not being able to use skype. Over the last couple weeks I have been feeling somewhat less overwhelmed and incredibly lonely than I felt before that, and while a lot of it is just getting used to being here and getting to know people that I actually like, a big part of it is also that I can talk to Charlie for a really long time several times a week without it costing 50 euro for that kind of conversation.

It was also really jarring the way it happened. It's not like when my bag was stolen in Montreal and it was a pain to replace everything and I whined about it every time I realized that I had to replace something else- but it was just really really annoying to come back and find it missing. While I was not in danger at all yesterday, it was still very upsetting because it was something that actually happened to me, if that makes sense.

But today I am coming to terms with it. And when I told my school friends about it, Katta told me that I can use her computer whenever I want, that she would even give me a spare key to her locker so I can use it for skype or papers or anything even if she's not around. She also asked what the guy looked like and wanted to beat him up for me.

I think I am done talking about this now.

I am ready to come home.
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(no subject) [Feb. 6th, 2008|10:49 pm]
1. I am sick. I am hoping that if I drink my weight in orange juice I will get better by Friday, when I go to Stockholm. Handkercheifs are way better than tissues.

2. I'm going to Stockholm! All the websites are mostly in Swedish. It's hard to figure that place out. Hopefully when I get there it will all be clear. Plus I just like wandering aimlessly around cities and happening across cool things and taking photos, so I guess I won't have to be able to navigate it that well. I'm staying with a couple from couchsurfing, they seem really nice, I think I will like them. (And I'm pretty sure they won't try to make out with me!) I wish I were going to be there for more than two days. I'm getting there Friday and leaving really early Sunday morning- I'm thinking of just taking the bus or whatever from the city to the airport late Saturday night rather than getting up at 3 in the morning and trying to go when public transit isn't running. StockholmStockholmStockholmStockholmStockholm!

3. I love drawing! Sketchbook is my favorite class right now. I feel like I'm learning and improving so much every week. But sometimes it is hard to listen to 3 hours of everything that I'm doing wrong. Apparently I draw like I'm from the 14th century, when they were just figuring out how to put bodies together. I guess that is pretty apt, since I AM just learning how to put bodies together. Actually today I went from 14th century to 15th century, so that's good (apparently). But really, I secretly am not that into Michaelangelo style bodies (why are there SO MANY MUSCLES? Gross.) so I don't know that I necessarily want to move into the 16th century.

Also- surprise- I draw people like they're architecture. My teacher told me to draw less like Mies van der Rohe and more like Frank Gehry, which I think is kind of amusing since the buildings I like are way more curvy and gestural than all those boxy Bauhaus things. But I guess I still draw very orderly curvy buildings, not gestural curvy buildings. Anyway, I want to be a great drawer. I learned at my lecture tonight that Cezanne was a terrible drawer when he was 20, and only became great when he was in his 40s. So there is still hope for me.

4. I feel like I should try to stay in Italy as long as possible. But every time I think about going back to the states earlier, going to Marlboro for graduation and then just building stuff at the animal sanctuary, I want to immediately change my plane ticket and come home as soon as possible. I feel really lame about this. Where is my sense of adventure? I love Rome. Part of me totally wants to come back and live here permanently. But it is not home, and I just wanna go home right now.

5. Although I would really like a break from being a student, I am excited (theoretically) about coming back to Marlboro in the fall and doing Plan. I am excited about the class that I want to teach. But I keep not sending my proposed syllabus to Tim, because what if he hates it and doesn't want to sponsor it?

6. I really want to know about racism in Italy.

7. Although Italians only wear black and grey and brown, they desperately want more color in their lives. I get one or more comments on my purple hair every day. Sometimes it's annoying, but sometimes it's really amusing.

8. Italian teachers love telling me weird things about anarchism. Apparently anarchists do not really exist.
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